Other Services Offered


Inland Transportation:

The Global Alliances, the huge size of the containerships, the growing role of the inland transportation cost, change the maritime environment and are sources of new opportunities. Regardless of which transportation modes we may have a particular interest based on our current work or job assignment, everyone involved in cargo routing, carrier selection or cargo documentation should have at least a basic understanding of the comparative characteristics of all commercial modes of transportation. This is especially true of anyone involved in routing intermodal movements and/or determining which combination of transport modes should be used in meeting specific shipment needs.


Cargo Supervision:

We offer personal supervision of cargo operations throughout the transport process. Services include, according to your needs, supervision of loading and/or unloading photo coverage/ videotaping safeguarding the cargo.



Experience in worldwide bunkering of both fuels and lubricants. Our presence on the local market enables us to supply our clients with the right quality at competitive prices.



Cargo Tallying:

Physical counting of consignment units loaded or discharged from ship to help reconcile the quantity received by carrier and that discharged in case of discrepancy.


Cargo Marketing:

Overview surveys and specific market research of the Middle Eastern shipping market may be performed for a client on request. Cargo canvassing, booking and documentation. Transshipment services for over landed or shorthanded cargo. Processing and settlement of marine claims on behalf of principals. Collection and remittance of freight money to principals.






Clearing of goods (in container or break bulk) from the port on behalf of client, truck them out of port to avoid the high port storage costs, place them into own storage or forward them straight to consignee. Reception of exports containers into the depot from upcountry or neighboring country, placing them in storage to wait delivery to port and shipment.

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