Baltic & International Maritime Conference:

Since 1905, BIMCO has been a leading force in international shipping. Representing ship owners, shipbrokers and agents, P&I Clubs and associate members, BIMCO today has members in 121 countries. BIMCO’s members are engaged in all trades, worldwide. BIMCO therefore takes an interest in all issues affecting the trading conditions for international shipping. By making representations to inter-governmental organizations, regional and national authorities, BIMCO seeks to ensure that operational aspects when regulations and legislation are being considered.




International Ship Suppliers Association

ISSA is the international association representing nearly 2,000 ship suppliers throughout the world. We have 38 national associations of ship suppliers as full ISSA members and associate members in 47 other countries where no national association exists. Click on ISSA Register to see the full membership list and the over 550 locations that are served by ISSA members.




International Marine Purchasing Association

IMPA was founded in 1978 by a group of senior purchasing executives in the shipping industry with the aim of promoting co-operation and understanding between purchaser and supplier and to improve the art, science and practice of marine purchasing in all applied forms.

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