Shipping Agency


We, at Altawil, proudly offer you a vast range of Life Support.

Over the years Altawil shipping has provided comprehensive and high quality service in Saudi Arabia, to hundreds of shippers, charterers, ship owners and cargo receivers.

Altawil handles about 100-120 vessels per annum, which include vessels up to capsize, calling Saudi Arabian seaports with grain and other general cargoes.

The quality of its services listed below, sets Altawil at the forefront of the shipping industry.

  • Coordinating with Port Authorities the loading and unloading of vessels.

  • Coordinating loading/unloading with various cargo interests in the Kingdom.

  • Determining order loading/unloading of vessels for best efficiency.

  • Saudi Arabian customs entry clearance of cargoes.

  • On-line report to clients and ship owners regarding loading/discharging prospects, cargo operation status and regular reports on vessel related issues.

  • On-line accounting system and services.

Our services include 24 hours attendance of personnel, who are dedicated to the client’s vessels commencing upon entering the Kingdom’s ports.

In all Saudi ports, Altawil shipping & maritime services, maintains long term relationship with Port Authority, stevedoring companies & customs department and is well connected with local suppliers, thereby ensuring fast turnover of vessels and smooth cargo operations.

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