About Altawil Group


Altawil Group, with its divisions has had the privilege of serving all needs for a multitude of prestigious and diverse activities at locations throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since 1954.

Altawil Food Services was established in 1977 as a division of the mother company Altawil Trading Enterprises, which was founded in 1954.

Altawil Shipping & Maritime Services, the shipping division was originally established in 1975 and renamed as above in 1982.

Since this solid foundation of expertise and commitment we have developed into one of the leading Service companies in the Kingdom.

The rapid growth of the Saudi Arabian infrastructure during the 70’s saw the evolution of many similar organizations. Quality and competence has outlasted all others.

We proudly shared the rapid growth of Saudi Arabia with our professional highly qualified and experienced personnel, considering customers satisfaction our ultimate goal, believing a good business is built on a long term relationship of mutual trust and respect.

Our reputation travels before us as a company pledged for providing first class care services.


Yusuf Mohammed Altawil
Chairman & CEO

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